Pet Buddies is the maker of quality pet products for both cats and dogs. The Pet Buddies product line consists of a wide array of dog toys, cat toys, grooming items, dining and litter accessories.

Pet Buddies has recently changed ownership. The Pet Buddies product line was formerly owned by Koller-Craft. As of July 2014 Pet Buddies has moved to Sparks, Nevada and is now its own company Pet Buddies, Inc. The new owners are excited about innovating new toys and other pet products while keeping the high quality our customers have come to expect.

Our corporate office and distribution facility:

Pet Buddies, Inc.

1625 E. Prater Way - Suite #105

Sparks, Nevada 89434

Main: 775-473-3030

Fax: 775-473-3031

Toll-Free 888-464-4402

Why Blue Toys?

Our Blue Line of dog toys is based on the research that dogs are not completely colorblind and can see blues and yellows. (see spectrum chart) As such the blue toys stand out against the background making it easier for the dog to see it. For example a red toy looks dark/muddy brown and does not necessarily stand out against the green grass or in dark water.

Visit these links to read more about the dog colorblind studies:

Pet Buddies
1625 E. Prater Way, Suite 105
Sparks, Nevada 89434